Sunday, October 2, 2011

Are You Unemployed?

Circle Community Acupuncture has in the past offered a number of monthly specials for workers... service workers, nurses, teachers, etc.  One group of people that we hear from and see everyday at Circle that we have not yet offered a monthly special are people who are currently unemployed.

In the three years since we opened, the national unemployment rate has risen dramatically.  It is an everyday occurrence at Circle CA to hear from patients that they have lost their jobs and are struggling to afford taking care of their health.

For the month of October rest of 2011, we would like to offer a special rate of $10 per treatment for anyone who is currently unemployed.  The special rate is available Monday through Friday from 10am to 2pm for the entire month of October.

This is NOT a one time deal!  Unemployed patients can pay this rate for as many times as they like during the month.

We do not require proof of unemployment or an explanation of the reason for your unemployment.  All we want you to do is get some acupuncture!

Please call (415) 864-1070 or use our online appointment service to schedule your appointments now.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

September Back to School Special

Classes are back in session... time for acupuncture. School is hard on everyone; students, teachers, and administrators.  Late night studying, early classes, studying, lesson planning, grading, paperwork, schedule juggling, erratic diet... all of this is very stressful and hard on your health.  

If you are a student, teacher or school administrator, Circle CA wants to give you a break.  For the entire month of September we will give you acupuncture treatments for only $10 all day Saturday and Sunday.  This offer is good every time students, teachers, and administrators receive treatments -- every weekend throughout the month.

To get your $10 acupuncture, schedule an appointment online or call the front desk (415) 864-1070.  Let us know that you are a student, teacher, or administrator and that you are taking advantage of the special.  It is available on Saturdays and Sundays for new and returning patients throughout the month of September.

Schedule your Back to School appointments now!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

July Special for New Parents and Birth Assistants

For the entire month of July, Circle CA is offering something special to the parents of newborn babies and for those who help babies come into the world.

If you are a midwife, doula, the proud parents of a newborn baby (12 months or younger), or have a baby on the way, we are offering you acupuncture treatments for only $10.

This offer is for both new and returning patients. The offer is not for just one treatment--every acupuncture visit you make during July is $10 each.

Schedule appointments online or call 415-864-1070. Make sure to tell us if you are taking advantage of this baby/birthing special!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Post-Pride Special -- Monday, June 27

Monday, June 27 from 10am to 7pm -- We're having a Post-Pride wind-down celebration. All acupuncture appointments are only $10.

Schedule your appointment.