Saturday, June 13, 2009

What's new?

New Art...
Our Wednesday evening front-desk volunteer, Adriana Atema, has kindly hung some of her artwork in the clinic. Next time you come in, make sure to check out her beautiful paintings.  

For a view of more of her artwork, go to her website

Massage on Sundays...
Kristen Florey is now available for Community Massage on Sundays, as well as Wednesdays.  
Book appointments online or call the clinic (415-864.1070)

New Chairs...
We recently purchased two new (to us) lazy-boy recliners. It has been our experience that most people prefer to sit in the lazy-boys instead of the zero-gravity recliners during their treatments. If you do like the zero-gravity chairs -- don’t worry we still have those available.

Thank you,
David, Jenn, Melissa