Thursday, December 4, 2008

Holiday Party with Chatty Kathy at Circle CA!

Recently a new friend called me talkative and for a moment I was a little worried that hanging out with me made her think to herself, “Cut the cord, chatty Kathy!” It’s true though. I do love to talk. Perhaps it was my upbringing--my parents are both avid conversationalists. My father seems unaware of the fact that once you get him going, he can talk just as much my mother. He’s always joked, “Ask your mother what time it is and she’ll tell you how a watch is made.”

When it comes to the clinic, my urge to talk doesn’t cease. Fortunately, this is helpful because when I see my patients, I need to know how they felt after there last treatment, how are their symptoms and have there been any noticeable changes in their health. Along with the patient’s tongue and pulse, this information helps guide that day’s treatment.

Oftentimes, during the course of a patient talking about their physical and mental well being, they may also mention in passing other things about themselves, such as their parents coming for a visit, an upcoming poetry workshop they’ll be conducting or their recent return to school. These topics interest me too but because of the need to preserve quiet in the clinic and in the interest of time (we want patients to have enough time relaxing quietly with needles in) I often don’t get to hear enough about these aspects of the patients’ life. This was one of the main reasons that Jenn, David and I recently decided to throw a holiday party at the clinic. We wanted a chance to share the space in a different way and to learn more about our patients. So please join us on Saturday, December 13th from 3 to 6. Come enjoy good food, drink and of course…conversation!


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