Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July News Bulletin

We have exciting announcements for the month of July. We have a new
acupuncturist on staff, new morning hours, and new Frequent Recliner

Starting Friday July 16th, our newest acupuncturist Lis Goldschmidt will be available for acupuncture appointments at Circle CA. Lis
Goldschmidt moved to San Francisco in the mid-90s after fleeing the
life of a working class Southern Homecoming Queen. Like lots of
people who live in San Francisco, Lis has lived many lives; including
as an ally to kids in Juvenile Hall, a house painter, an artist and a
Rainbow Grocery Cooperative worker. Lis' personal experience with the
power of acupuncture led her to study at the American College of
Traditional Chinese Medicine. These days you can find her staring at
her community garden plot waiting for it to grow, sewing while
listening to talk radio, or walking her dog Mikey. Lis' enthusiasm
for community acupuncture grows from her interest in the human body,
the arts and her commitment to community.

Schedule an appointment with Lis or any of the Circle CA practitioners

Starting July 19th, we will open at 9:00AM on Tuesdays. When we
conducted our patient survey last year, patients overwhelmingly
requested that we add morning hours to our schedule. This is our
first attempt at being open in the early morning, and if it is
successful, we will add more morning shifts. So, spread the word,
tell your friends, family, and co-workers, and encourage them to take
advantage of the new morning hours.

Make sure you get your Frequent Recliner Card. Have you made
acupuncture at Circle CA part of your regular health care? Do you
have a condition that requires frequent visits? Do you just like
coming in an seeing us? We want to thank you by providing free
treatments for Frequent Recliners. Every time you come in for a
regular treatment make sure to have your card stamped. After 10
stamps your next visit will be FREE. Frequent Recliner cards are now
available at the front desk. Make sure to request yours on your next

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