Monday, October 6, 2008

September 17, 2008: A Birthday Bash to Remember

September 17 was a big day for us here at Circle Community Acupuncture. Not only was it our Grand Opening, it was also resident acupuncturists David and Jennifer's 38th birthday -- born a mere 20 minutes apart, David in Austin, Texas, and Jennifer in Torrance, California. Who would have known these 2 Virgos would end up opening an acupuncture clinic together, along with their wonderful and witty Libran classmate, Melissa Craven.

The day started out with a bang! Between 12pm and 4pm, all 7 of our recliners were full with happy folks taking us up on our free four hours of celebratory acupuncture. The resounding theme of the day was people telling us what "great energy" our clinic has. For me at least, there could be no greater compliment (other than "you've cured me of all my ills!"). I have to agree with them -- We do have a very special spot here in the SOMA neighborhood, calm, serene, light, and spacious, with palpable good healing energy.

Then from 5-8pm we invited all of our family, friends, colleagues and neighbors for some tea, champagne, and wonderful healthy snacks catered by David's lovely wife Meghan (with adorable son Austin in tow). Thank you for all the beautiful plants everybody! They're exactly what we needed. Here are some pictures from that day. I hope you enjoy them. A joyous day indeed.

Happy Autumn,


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